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To achieve an injury free and accident free atmosphere for the personnel both in the factory and the project sites.

By convincing staff that accidents are caused and that they do not just occur and that it is possible to prevent them.
Educating the personnel in safe working methods
By enforcing strictly all safe working practices
By seeing that all personnel use safety equipment like hard hats, safety belts, gloves, goggles, masks, face shields, ear muffles, safety shoes etc while working.
By seeing that the equipment supplied to them is of proper standards.
By using proper scaffolds and ladders when working at heights.
By educating them about the inbuilt hazards in the nature of the work while they are engaged in working with hazardous medium.
Educating them about environmental issues.
Train 2-4 persons in each shift to co-ordinate first aid in case of any accident or injury.
Communicate safe working practices to all personnel.
Train personnel on fire fighting.
Train personnel to handle any hazardous material.
To store any hazardous material like inflammable material in designated place and in proper way.
To maintain all fire fighting equipment and keep them in ready-to-use condition.
To keep all fire fighting equipment in their designated places.
To refill or recondition the fire extinguishers well before their expiry, in a phased manner.
To see that all employees use safety equipment like gloves, shoes, coveralls, helmets, goggles etc regularly.
To have a periodic health check-up for all personnel.
To familiarize the safety personnel and Safety Head with the country’s emergency contact numbers and emergency procedures.
To have an emergency procedure for the company in tune with the country’s emergency procedures.


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