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Architectural Wood Works is one of the few professionally run Integrated Wood Working & Joinery units in the country. It is one of the two units authorized by the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries, a Government Body, to Heart

treat wood as ISPM-15 and is authorized to certify the process.

Aww is situated in Shuaiba Industrial Area, well connected to the 30 and 40 express highways which are in the vicinity of the refineries and other important industries in the country.

One of the main products of AWW is wooden pallets.AWW has various contracts with prominent clients to supply heat treated and certified wooden pallets.

AWW has an automatic nailing machine for making pallets with the capacity to produce 1000 pallets a day.

Coupled to this is an oven of 100 Cubic meters capacity which is completely computer controlled and has an ability to run 250 programs of heat treatment to dry and fumigate different kinds of wood.





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